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Gold Restorations

By far, gold restorations are still the best restorative material that we have to offer in dentistry. When it's done right, it lasts a lifetime!

Why Gold?

  • Gold will not oxidize or discolor the teeth.
  • Gold is not abrasive so it doesn't wear the opposing teeth.
  • Gold can be polished and finished to a higher degree than other materials.
  • Gold is one of the most bio-compatible elements in nature. Gum tissue is most healthy near gold restorations. 
  • Gold wears nearly at the same rate as the tooth structure, blending into the tooth as the tooth wears.
  • Gold reflects the light perfectly through the tooth with its warm color, preserving the tooth natural aesthetics.  
  • Gold is very strong; therefore, a very thin layer is completely resistant to fractures allowing us to preserve a lot more of the tooth structure during preparation.
  • Gold becomes very smooth after proper polishing, reducing the amount of plaque that gets attached to its surface.





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